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All pieces are handmade costume jewelry pieces using sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone beads. This designer costume jewelry will turn heads wherever you wear it. Tell us your favorite gemstone and we will design a unique piece of jewelry for you. Some pieces have been remade, others can be made to order with a few days delay, some cannot be duplicated at all.

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sterling scrollwork
Handmade sterling silver scrollwork necklace with alexandrite stone
Sterling scrollwork necklace
silver carnelian
Carnelian & silver pendant necklace
Carnelian, copper & Silver
sterling silver pendant

Silver, copper & stone
Fine silver V necklace with pendant
Fine PMC Silver necklace
Precious Metal Clay fine silver necklace with pearls and semi-precious beads
PMC fine silver & gemstones
Precious metal clay &sterling silver
PMC fine silver

Turquoise, sunstone & carnelian
Grey pearls with fine silver slide
Grey pearls & silver slide
Silver rondels, onyx & pearls
Onyx & pearls
Tibetan green turquoise & Baltic amber
Turquoise & amber
Large chunks of blue-green turquoise laced with 24k GP Bali beads
Turquoise & Bali beads
FWP multistrand necklace with Mother of Pearl pendant
Pearls & Bali silver
Lapis & silver
Lapis & silver
Light blue chalcedony necklace with coin pearls and round pearls
Chalcedony & pearls
Amethyst pendant, pearls, silver beads
Amethyst necklace
Necklace of semi-precious gemstone beads
Semi-precious beads
Pearl & garnet choker
Pearls & garnets
Exquisite Peruvian Blue Opal & Bali Sterling Silver Necklace
Peruvian Blue Opal
Ametrine, silver & citrine
Ametrine, sterling, citrine
Coral & vermeil beads
Coral & 24k GP Sterling
Turquoise, Venetian glass, moonstone, copper
Turquoise, moonstone, glass
Carnelian, Bali silver & carnelian pendant
Carnelian & silver
Malachite beads & pendant with amber and sterling silver
Malachite, amber & silver
Chrysoprase & Venetian lampworked glass
Chrysoprase nuggets
Amethyst & Bali silver
Amethyst & Bali silver
Citrine & GP Bali silver beads
Citrine & GP Bali silver
Carnelian & GP Bali silver beads
Carnelian & GP Bali silver
Blue Topaz and sterling silver
Blue topaz & silver
Tiger's eye,jade,quartz,glass,silver,amber,rutilated quartz,dumortierite,Swarovski crystals
Many different stones
Lampworked glass & silver
Lampworked glass & silver
Black onyx, GP Bali beads & Swarovski crystals
Onyx & Swarovski crystals
Bali sterling silver bracelet with lapis stone
Bali silver & lapis
Bali Sterling Silver with amber beads and chaorite pendant
Silver & Chaorite
Filigreed 22k Gold Bracelet
22k gold bracelet
Lovely pearls, mother of pearl pendant & silver
Pearls & mother of pearl
Lapis lazuli & Bali sterling silver beads
Lapis & silver
Malachite, silver and chaorite & malachite pendant
Malachite & Chaorite
Amethyst & silver beads
Amethyst & silver
20k gold set with rubies & emeralds
Ruby & 20k gold
Pink coral, turquoise, pearls & silver
Coral & turquoise


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©All jewelry designs are legally copyrighted. No reproductions are permitted.

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