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Costume Jewelry Necklaces

All pieces are handmade costume jewelry pieces using sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone beads. This designer costume jewelry will turn heads wherever you wear it. Tell us your favorite gemstone and we will design a unique piece of jewelry for you. Some pieces have been remade, others can be made to order with a few days delay, some cannot be duplicated at all.

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kyanite necklace
Kyanite briolettes & GP beads
Kyanite briolettes
Turquoise, amber, amethyst, citrine,pearls
Many beautiful beads

Faceted amethyst pendant on Bali silver chain
Faceted amethyst pendant

Faceted pink stones, rose quartz & sterling silver
Pink quartz & silver
Pale grey pearls with faceted tourmaline
Pale grey pearls with faceted tourmaline
Arizona Turquoise with sterling silver
Turquoise & Silver
Malachite rondells, azurite & 24k gold-plated beads
Malachite, azurite & GP beads
Coral & GP Bali beads
Coral & Bali beads
Amethyst & 14k Gold-filled beads
Amethyst & 14kGF beads
Bali sterling silver chain and turquoise pendant
Silver & turquoise
Turquoise rondels with sterling silver
Turquoise & Silver
Rose quartz, Murano glass & silver beads
Rose quartz & silver
Pale grey button pearls with faceted tourmaline
Pearls & tourmaline
Lovely faceted tigerseye with Thai silver leafs
Venetian glass with lapis beads
Venetian glass & lapis

Pink & grey FW Pearls
Amber, Venetian blown glass & GP beads
Amber, Venetian glass
Translucent golden sunstone beads with brass spacers
Multistone & glass
Hessonite necklace
Hessonite necklace
Yellow jade, red tiger's eye & gold-plated beads
Yellow jade, red tiger's eye &
gold-plated beads
Thai silver necklace
Thai Silver Necklace
Pearls & amethyst
Pearls & Faceted amethyst
Amazonite & sunstone nuggets
amber necklace
Sparkling faceted amber
Azurite & Thai Silver Pendant
Azurite & Silver
Tibetan Dzi, Amber,
Copal & Silver necklaces
Pink opal, mother-of-pearl, chalcedony & silver
Opal & Chalcedony
chalcedony & coin pearls
Chalcedony & coin pearls
Malachite & coral with GF beads
Malachite & coral
Indian Silver Link Bracelet
Silver Bracelet
Pearls and onyx necklace
Pearls & Onyx
Faceted ametrine
Ametrine Necklace
Semi precious gemstone beads
Multistone necklace
hessonite, peridot
Hessonite, peridot, citrine
18mm lapis & silver
18 mm Lapis
Wine & Rose lampwork glass with sterling beads
Lampwork glass
Dark & light amethyst & silver
2-tone amethyst
Amethyst & silver necklace Carnelian & onyx


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